Gay Men Therapy + Gay Couples Counseling

Welcome! Are you looking for a gay-friendly counselor in Phoenix who understands the unique aspects of being gay or in a relationship when you are gay?

I work with gay men and couples helping them with a number of different issues, including:

Counseling After a Break-up

One of my therapy specialties is working with men who are coming out of the end of a difficult relationship, and are having a hard time dealing with the painful after effects of the breakup.

The breakup of your relationship between you and your partner has left you with a lot of lingering emotions, like hurt, sadness and resentment. Maybe those feelings have prevented you from getting into another relationship, or kept you distanced from dating, or from your new partner, out of fear of getting hurt again.

It’s possible that you were rejected, felt invisible to your partner, felt taken for granted or had your needs go unmet in your previous relationship. It might have been hard for you to experience your partner’s focus on himself, and not you.

Most of the time, you might have felt like you were catering more to your partner and his needs, which left you frustrated, lonely and full of resentment. You felt like you were the one doing all the work, and he wasn’t.

If you shared friends together, that’s another issue confronting you, too. Friends take sides sometimes, even with the best of intentions, and this adds another challenge to your ability to heal. You keep getting reminded of your ex, as you’re trying to get over him.

Living alone again may also be a challenge. It can create added loneliness and fear about the future, which counseling can help with.

If any of this resonates with you, as a therapist working with gay men, I can help you.

I provide therapy to gay men to help them get past the fallout of those difficult relationship breakups, and help get them back to feeling open to let love in again.

Or, you may want to feel comfortable being on your own after the relationship’s end, and be at peace with yourself. We can work on that, too. Or, you may want to create new relationship patterns and attract a better kind of partner and relationship for them. As a gay friendly counselor, I can help with any of these problems.

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Benefits of Relationship Improvement Counseling for Single Men:

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As a gay-affirmative therapist, I help clients work through their issues by helping them accept themselves, even if others don’t.

I want to help you explore your own feelings in a safe and comfortable environment - one that doesn’t presuppose that being gay can be “changed,” unlike other therapies. As your counselor, I want to support you exactly where you’re at in your life, and help you discover the best route for you.

Gay Couples Counseling

I also work with gay couples to create better, stronger and more supportive relationships. We can work together in counseling to help bring back the intimacy with your partner, and enjoy better sex with your partner.

Instead of falling into the same arguing and fighting cycle, I help struggling couples identify their unique patterns, work through issues to resolution, and communicate more effectively together.

I help couples resolve and move on from infidelity or cheating issues, and address premarital or pre-commitment issues.

Couples who also fall into reckless behaviors, like pornography addiction, sex or drug and alcohol addictions, also can benefit from gay couples therapy. Whether one partner or both are dealing with these issues, often times reckless or addictive behaviors act like fuel on the fire, making the underlying relationship problems all that much worse.

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Other issues gay men struggle with most:

I also help men transition from a closeted and married lifestyle to come out as a gay man, and deal with the accompanying issues with divorce, problems with family members and fear of being alone.

I work with these men who are struggling with sexual identity issues to make the best possible choices for themselves and their families, while minimizing the damage on others through a very difficult transition.

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, Counselor for Men

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