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What solution were you seeking when you hired Jason?

"A better understanding of the dynamics of my relationship and coping skills for a couple in decline."

“I was looking for someone to guide me and help me with my anger issues. (I wanted) a professional who knows about anger issues and how to diffuse them.”

“To help overcome distress associated with friends, family, and work.”

“Understanding and clarity.”

“We initially inquired about counseling services to help eliminate detachment and communication issues within our relationship.”

“I felt lost in my own thoughts before I worked with Jason. I was overwhelmed by some feelings and didn’t feel others. Generally, I sought a solution to live a more balanced and meaningful life as well as gain perspective on my ideas of personal and professional growth.”

“A better understanding of the dynamics of my relationship and coping skills for a couple in decline.”

"I was trying to find out why was angry when I was intoxicated."

"Deep, significant problems in my relationship with my girlfriend, and trust/commitment issues.

"I was looking for someone who could help identify and treat specific problems and behaviors occurring between myself and my partner. We were at a point where we would talk to each other without resolving anything. I had no hope for our relationship when we came here."

"How to best deal with stress and people pleasing."

What did Jason provide that you value the most?

"How to interact honestly with my partner in hope of improving the relationship or to better cope with the relationship ending."

“Helping me build my confidence through my actions.”

“The Gestalt techniques, I had already done a whole bunch of talk-only therapy.”

“Objective and constructive feedback.”

“Jason provided a neutral and compassionate environment that encouraged us to articulate concerns and essentially clear the way toward our goals. His professional expertise quickly identified specific sources that were the root of our concerns.”

“Through Jason’s process of questioning, I gained a crucial understanding of my own value system. Hearing my own voice speak of this insight was extraordinarily exciting and valuable. Jason became a confidant to my inner thoughts and feelings and helped me to uncover and articulate these into actionable ideas.”

"The one thing I valued most was that it was so extremely easy for me to talk to you. I really like that you made it easy for me to come to my own solutions, which worked well."

"How to interact honestly with my partner to improve the relationship or to better cope with the relationship ending."

"You listened to me and helped address my anger head on. Noticing my body language is very valuable."

"Excellent listening, insight, and obtainable short and long-term goals."

"You were able to show us the problems with how we communicate and relate to each other. I realize that my process was part of the problem and change my behavior accordingly. My partner did the same, and we are now able to communicate openly and honestly. We have learned so much about each other that we didn't find out in four years of knowing each other."

"Insight into myself, and my thought processes. Communication skills."

What has been the result of working with Jason?

"I was very well equipped to handle my relationship breakup, but positioned to assist in its mending, if possible."

“Being able to effectively communicate with others about a problem, and working thru it together.”

“A heightened sense of inner peace and clarity.”

“Less daily frustration, more in touch with what's going on inside and better ability to communicate, a lot less situational depression.”

“Working with Jason has provided a new perspective on our relationship. Utilizing methods that he recommended, we are now able to work together as a couple to balance the needs of our relationship.”

“Working with Jason allowed me to deconstruct what I thought to be a ‘brick wall’ in front of me. In the end, I have torn that ‘brick wall’ down and am focusing on the mountain ahead… of which I believe I now have the tools necessary to conquer.”

"I have made great strides in confidence, general sense of well-being, and have learned to not sweat the small stuff. I've noticed that I've been really happy for the first time in many years."

"I was very well-equipped to handle my relationship breakup, and positioned to assist in it's mending, if possible."

"I realize that I am good enough for love and deserve it. I will make myself happy first and grow to become a better person."

"I feel much more balanced. I am aware of what my shortcomings were/are and how to proactively deal with my present and future situations."

"You single-handedly saved our relationship. We were in a very bad place before coming here, and now we are closer than we have ever been."

"Fantastic results. I feel a stronger connection to my girlfriend. I feel that we can communicate better and are much closer to each other emotionally."

What would you tell others who are considering hiring Jason?

"Anyone with relationship issues would greatly benefit from Jason's assistance."

“Jason is a wonderful listener who helped me resolve issues I had in solving my anger problems. (He provided me) with answers to many questions."

“Jason has the ability to identify with and validate my concerns while leading me towards peace and understanding.”

“That Jason is a knowledgeable and very talented therapist.”

“The process of finding a counselor was at first complicated and overwhelming. We were extremely fortunate to have found someone as empathetic and knowledgeable as Jason. Jason took the time to get to know and understand us as individuals and as a couple. Regardless of the situation I feel we can always turn to Jason for guidance that we can trust.”

“Anyone can benefit from working with Jason. He creates an open, unbiased and comfortable environment where one can explore their own thoughts and uncover some greater truths.”

"I would refer many of my male friends to you, solely based on how easy it is to talk to you and that you have an understanding of what I'm saying, no matter how obscure or ridiculous I think it may be. "

"Anyone with relationship issues would greatly benefit from your assistance."

"The best counselor in Phoenix, hands down!"

"If you are willing to work through your current issues, Jason is an excellent source of information and he makes a real connection with his clients."

"I would tell them not to hesitate. This has absolutely been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. I would have no problem coming back if we ever have any further problems."

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, Counselor for Women

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