Depression. Feeling down and depressed, and not sure where to turn for relief

Depression counseling for men can help.

Depression is a big downer, and it affects men and women differently. It can take over your whole life, and can creep in and leave you feeling flat, de-energized and uninterested in things that used to make you happy.

Concerned people in your life, like your wife, girlfriend, friends or family, have started to tell you that they're worried about you, and they’re seeing a different version of you. It may be depression that’s taking hold of you. You’ve decided that seeing a counselor may help with your depression.

How depression can affect men:

6 million men in America are diagnosed with depression, and plenty more go undiagnosed.

The biggest barriers to men seeking therapy for their depression are stigma and fear. In our culture, we expect men “be strong” or “masculine,” and “suck it up,” if they’re having personal problems like depression. In reality, it takes a lot of courage and strength for men to admit they’re having a problem, and to seek out counseling help for it.

Medications for depression can be helpful, but plenty of men I talk with just don’t want to take an antidepressant. They don’t want that “band-aid” fix, but want to really get to the root of their depression, or want to talk to someone in addition to taking a pill.

Sometimes, men get angry and mask their underlying depression. Depression can be mixed with shame and self-abuse, which can make the combination all that much worse.

A lot of guys also “wall off” from loved ones, and settle into depression behind this emotional wall. Does this describe you?

Maybe your life hasn’t turned out the way you want - professionally, romantically, or financially. You’ve failed to realize your goals and dreams, and have “settled into a rut,” that might be described as depression. Men can keep themselves in this place for years, through denial or resigning themselves to their unsatisfying place in life.

Sometimes, depression is situational, like in a troubled marriage. Men can get depressed and stay stuck in their depression after months or years of being unhappy in their marriage. Then as “depressed men” become the “problem ” in their marriage, this only leads to more focus on them as they crawl deeper into depression. The “healthy” partner blames the problems on their depressed partner, leading to cycle of blame and avoidance.

Don’t resign yourself to an unhappy life. Therapy can help men like you with depression.

Benefits to counseling for depression:

Imagine what it will feel like when you’re no longer weighed down by the cloud of depression. Your relationships will be better, your work life will be better, and social situations will feel better. You’ll feel more engaged with your life and more optimistic about your future.

One happy counseling client said: “Working with Jason allowed me to deconstruct what I thought to be a ‘brick wall’ in front of me. In the end, I have torn that ‘brick wall’ down and am focusing on the mountain ahead… of which I believe I now have the tools necessary to conquer.”

For depressed guys, the first tough hurdle is just admitting that you might be feeling depressed. Next, you’ll need to find the right counselor to help.

There is no shame or weakness in admitting you feel depressed, or that you need counseling to fix it. It takes a lot of courage and strength to get the right care you need.

As a Phoenix therapist who works with men, I understand male depression, and want you to know you’re not alone. I provide counseling to men just like you every day with these same depressive symptoms. I have knowledge of the kinds of pain caused by depression. I see how it affects not just the guys I work with, but their whole families, their work and their self-esteem.

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, Counselor for Men

Contact me at my Phoenix counseling office to talk about your pain, and see how we can work together in therapy to help you feel better. Don’t wait for things to get worse.

I want to help you feel less depressed, more connected with others (including your wife or girlfriend), and help you stop doing what doesn’t work in your life. I invite you to call me today at 602.309.0568, or Schedule an Appointment, to talk about your depressed feelings.