Counseling for Cheating. Has she caught you cheating, or flirting with other women, and you’re worried that your marriage or relationship will end?

Hi, I’m Jason Fierstein from Phoenix Men’s Counseling. I provide counseling to men for a variety of issues including cheating on your spouse or girlfriend.

Individual relationship counseling or couples counseling can help repair your marriage after an extra marital affair, defend it from future betrayals, and develop trust and happiness with your wife or girlfriend again.

Cheating or infidelity can destroy an otherwise good marriage or relationship. Lying about it can make it much worse, adding fuel to the fire.

You may have gotten over it, but she hasn’t. She’s still filled with distrust, pain and anger, and you’re feeling guilty and powerless to turn your relationship back around.

You don’t know how to help your wife or girlfriend get past the pain of your unfaithfulness, and no solution seems to work.

Maybe your relationship with your partner has turned into a “cat-and-mouse” game - as her husband, you hide, and she seeks. She’s worried that you’re still being unfaithful, so she’s constantly checking your phone for texts and emails from other women, which is making you angry and now you’re distrusting her.

Perhaps all that you can do now is try to prove you aren’t still cheating anymore, or constantly reassure her you love her and will never have an affair again.

But you feel that it’s not enough. She doesn’t trust you, and it’s wreaking havoc in your marriage.

Maybe you haven’t actually betrayed your partner by engaging in a sexual relationship- but you are heading that way ...

Cheating Warning Signs

Whether you are flirting with other women, thinking about cheating, or have already had an affair, as your counselor, I can help.

As your therapist, I want to help you not only save your marriage from the brink of divorce, but work with you to develop the critical relationship skills that will prevent infidelity and further betrayals from reoccurring again.

Yes, cheating is about the sex, but it’s more than just that that has caused you to flirt with women or have an affair. Working in counseling or couples therapy with me, we’ll explore the main reasons you’ve been unfaithful or let your “wandering eye” take over at the expense of your relationship. We’ll uncover why it’s more than just feeling sexually satisfied by other women - that there are other, unsaid needs that might be driving your behavior.

For example, maybe you are unhappy in your marriage, or you fear intimacy and feel more comfortable when you have one foot in and one foot out of the relationship. Or, perhaps you are angry at your partner and want to punish her or maybe you don’t know how to have a relationship without sabotaging it. In therapy or couples counseling we will get to the root of your infidelity or wandering eyes and solve the problems once and for all.

Together in therapy, let’s build the skills you need to stop seeking out other women for your emotional and physical satisfaction.

Let me help you become the loyal and loving husband you want to be.

If you want to keep your relationship, you’ll have to stop betraying her. You’ll have to build trust with her again. You’ll need to get the attention, affection or validation you need from your wife, instead of from other women. You love your partner, and you want to make it work, but you’re frustrated with how things currently are in your marriage. I understand how hard this can be. Let’s turn these negative relationship patterns around for you.

As your therapist, I want to help you feel good about your marriage or primary relationship, and not have to resort to finding what you need elsewhere. Strengthen your marriage, feel easier and happier around your wife and reconcile the problems that got you here in the first place.

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, Counselor for Men

Make an online appointment with me to help you work through the cheating and infidelity that has affected your relationship or marriage.

Counseling can help you feel happier, more connected and more engaged with your wife or girlfriend, while helping you stop engaging with other women.

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