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Welcome to my site. I appreciate your interest in seeking counseling services and products with me.

My name is Jason Fierstein, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. In my practice, I work with men, women, and couples who are struggling in their relationships and in other parts of their lives. I am affiliated with the Arizona Counseling Association locally, and am licensed (AZ-11914) through the State of Arizona.

The information you see on my website, and download or receive through my newsletter is information only. It is not a cure or a promise to solve you of your problems. The purpose of the information is to provide you with information and for marketing purposes.

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Lastly, these items are important for you to know:

In general, communications between a counselor and his or her client are confidential. There are certain situations defined by law which are exceptions to this:

Thank you for reading this statement. I value your privacy, and enjoy producing this informational content for you to enjoy.