Is the Idea of Counseling Scary? Ever Thought About Joining Men's Group Counseling?

We’ll look at what constitutes “real man” behavior: what it means to be a relationship partner, how to take ownership for ourselves as men, and how to express ourselves with other guys. We’ll learn to trust our guts, and develop more trust in others. It takes confidence and courage to join a men’s group, but once you’re here, you’ll be glad you joined.

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Why Group Therapy, Though?

For many guys, therapy is a taboo word. Many guys shy away from counseling and fear “opening up” to others and their feelings. A lot of guys come to counseling because someone else asked them to, or because they’ve gotten to a point in their lives where their problems are too great to handle. This is tough, and breeds loneliness, on top of all the other reasons to not seek out help. Lonely guys tend to withdraw, feel depressed, and helpless. They struggle to move forward in their lives, because they feel so psychologically or emotionally crippled by what’s ailing them.

What we’re offering you is group counseling just for men. We know your needs, and we know you’re not alone. There are plenty of guys struggling just like you, in your very town. In Phoenix, men’s group counseling is often religious or recovery-based for substance abuse. Phoenix Men’s Counseling’s men’s counseling group is different than that. We talk about men’s issues and creating good mental health for ourselves in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. We work on the real issues you’re facing everyday.

Why Join Our Men’s Group?

The Details:

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, Counselor for Men

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