Counseling for Men. Welcome to Phoenix Men’s Counseling. It’s good to have you here today.

Maybe you’ve tried to fix your problems on your own, but just can’t. Now, you’re still struggling and need some help and therefore decided to seek out the services of a men’s therapist.

It’s possible you’re having problems in your marriage or primary relationship, or in your work, or maybe you generally feel down, unhappy or stressed out. Maybe low-self esteem or lack of confidence issues have pulled you down, or you’ve fallen into unhealthy behaviors for yourself.

As a man, it’s sometimes tough to go to your friends or family for their unbiased support, and books or web research only seem to go so far in helping you.

Maybe you’ve considered counseling, but haven’t sought out a counselor until now.

Congrats on making the first step towards improving your life.

What other men have said about the benefits they received in counseling with us:

“Jason really does listen and is extremely observant. He is able to get you to see yourself as others might see you, which can be an eye opening experience. It was for me. I am not quite where I need to be, but I have come a long way in just a few months. I highly recommend him as Jason is someone who follows through on what he says he will do.”

- A.S.

“Working with Jason allowed me to deconstruct what I thought to be a ‘brick wall’ in front of me. In the end, I have torn that ‘brick wall’ down and am focusing on the mountain ahead… of which I believe I now have the tools necessary to conquer.”

- R.M.

"I have made great strides in confidence, general sense of well-being, and have learned to not sweat the small stuff. I've noticed that I've been really happy for the first time in many years.”

- J.J.

My counseling for men services are different:

As a counselor, I specialize in working with the unique issues and needs of men. I started Phoenix Men’s Counseling to provide counseling services especially to support men in working through life’s tough issues, and to create the kinds of lives that they really want for themselves and for their families.

As a fellow guy, I’ve shared a lot of the difficult experiences that you have.

I know how it’s tough to open up and talk about personal matters with others - wife, friends, and family (read Jason’s story).. I understand how it is to “struggle in silence,” be closed to others, including women, and not have the skills or resources needed to support yourself.

I have a passion and a real interest in working with men’s issues, and want to help you feel better, happier, at peace and more successful in your life. I have years of expertise and experience working with men’s issues, as a therapist.

I can assure you that you’re not alone in what you’re dealing with.

In our culture, all these years later, there are still expectations for men not to be weak, to hide emotions or be “warriors” and to be invulnerable. It’s also a premium to have connective, authentic experiences with others, because we’re constantly hiding behind our “games” and personality armor.

Counseling can help you overcome the negative cultural expectations of what it means to be a man and help build meaningful, connecting experiences that you really want to create.

Times are changing, and men need to learn critical skills like emotional intelligence, communication skills, stress management and relationship building. That’s where men’s counseling can help.

I create a space where guys can feel comfortable getting real and opening up. I provide support and feedback that you’re looking for, without handing you the answers. As a skilled counselor, I’ll challenge you, and bolster you up at the same time.

We’ll work together to forge the solutions you need for life and relationship success, and get you back to feel happy and positive about your life again.

Skeptical About Seeing a Therapist?

If you’re like a lot of guys, maybe you haven’t ever tried out counseling, or have negative thoughts about it. Maybe it’s been years since you were in kid in counseling - where your parents forced you into it. This counseling is different. This is for you, and for your own growth - not something someone’s making you do. My kind of counseling is designed just for you as a man.

I work with a range of men’s issues, and would like to help you with your unique situation, too.

General issues for men where therapy can help:

Relationship or marriage struggles where therapy can help:

Counseling for Single Guys:

Anger problems where therapy can help:

Anxiety symptoms where therapy can help:

Male depression symptoms where therapy can help:

Counseling for Nice Guys:

You’re here because you’re seeking relief for your pain. You want solutions to your problems, and want to feel happier and less preoccupied with your struggles.

If you are here because you want a guy, a male therapist, that understands what you’re dealing with, and can meet you where you’re at, then book your first appointment now.

Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC, Counselor for Men

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Or, call me today at 602.309.0568 to talk about your unique problem or situation. I’d like to help you.